Put Those Praying Knees To Work

All my life, I’ve heard people tell me, give God control. Give it to God. Put your faith in God and he will guide you. Let Go and Let God.

let go

I have come across many, many obstacles in my time (said everyone who ever lived) and I’ve never heard the voice of God direct me in the way of his Light.

I never really felt like I had any reins to offer up. I took life as it came and did the best with what I could. Sure, I could have prayed more and thanked more along the way. But, I never understood how to make a decision, without making the decision myself…

But I’m preparing myself for a MAJOR step into a life I don’t know. I am going to school, I am moving out, I have work changes, family changes, and nothing is sure, guaranteed, or even familiar.

There is so little within my control, I’m kinda terrified. In fact, I’m extremely terrified. But I’ve kept my praying knees strong through out my decision process. This is probably the most praying I’ve done all my life. I’ve spent a lot of mornings waking up and saying, My God has a plan for this day. That plan does not include Fear. It does not include Doubt.

God, This is me actively trying to follow your plan. This is me listening to your warnings and your guidance through my family, friends, and situations. I’m praying you will be with me as I move forward with my scary little life.

Tomorrow I sign my lease. Tomorrow I order my school books. Tomorrow I face my coworkers.

But Tonight, I’m putting my praying knees to work.

3 thoughts on “Put Those Praying Knees To Work

  1. Just know that you have a wonderful support system that you can always reach out to when needed =) Take it day by day so it won’t be overwhelming since there are lots of changes going on.And also know I am here for you!! ❤ Just keep being yourself because you're amazing,

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