Is That A Caterpillar On Your Face?


How does this make you feel? It makes me feel like crap… Even though it makes total sense. 

You already know I embrace The Natural Look. I find beauty in simplicity. Or maybe I find beauty in laziness. Or maybe I’m just lazy. As much attention as I give this face, is it any surprise that eyebrows are low on the priorities list?

I went a full entire year without giving them any attention once. A year between waxing – my wax girl and I joked the entire 10 minutes. I’m talking full on unibrow, extended wings, devil peak at the corners…. It was rough. And I probably would have let it continue if I hadn’t had a funeral to attend. 

Please don’t think I’m gross. I can’t stand a dirty face, or any body odor besides floral. I’m always smooth and soft, and I keep my hair clean and natural. I put in some Effort man. Serious effort. Just not eyebrows.

How many of you all actually care about a person’s eyebrows? Do you pay attention? Are my caterpillars turning people away? I promise I’ll step up my game. I will have beautiful brows. But I need to know I’m not wasting my time. I had perfectly fine friends, my boyfriend didn’t dump me, my family still sat down for meals with me, and I had a paying job with my wicked bad brows…

Is it worth the trouble? You tell me.  

3 thoughts on “Is That A Caterpillar On Your Face?

  1. I try to pluck in between my brows that I won’t have a unibrow, lol. And one of my eyebrows grows upward at the end for some reason. It’s just my right brow and I could snip it, but then it looks like I snipped it. So I just keep it as is and make it a feature of ME. =) Don’t feel bad about not grooming your brows because I know many women who would kill for fuller brows! ❤

  2. This is how I see it – if you rock a full brow then own it and embrace it. If you have to wax and style them up then rock that. You do what you gotta do. If you have the confidence to rock no brows then you are the shit! I think we all just have to own our look and if others don’t like it then they can go fuck themselves!
    You’re hot Phoebz, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise xo

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