Snapshots from My Week

What’s in the good ole Cellphone Gallery this week? Here’s just a few favorites!


This is me realizing I am, Indeed, Shopping for my first apartment. This is the post-pinch face when I turned out to be awake and alive.


I don’t care what anyone says though. Target is not cheap. At least not during dorm season.


I got to write to almost all my penpals this week! It was very exciting! I love love love getting snailmail so just say the word if you want in on this postal action.


After an entire summer, I finally got some quality pool time with my bestiegirl. Kelly, I miss you! I’m so glad we’re finding time to get together again!


Love her heart…


Snack time on the Square! I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with the S’mores Milkshake from Stock and Barrel. Best $6 of my week. They actually toast Marshmallows for the top!


This is the Square’s best cookie, from Steamboat’s Sandwiches. I also save room in my weekly food budget for this $1 slab of pure heaven. It’s seriously perfect for my random “Inspiration Hiatus Walks” that I take occasionally on long office days. 8 hours in a desk can be pretty disheartening. I am so thankful for my Walkie Breaks!


Lastly, Miss Godiva. She found the gutter water… Nasty thing. I knew it was a bad idea…so I picked her up and put her back in the grass, then walked back round the house to the front porch. BUT THEN. I hear a Splooosh… and like a bolt of drippy lightning, she darts around to the front, across the yard, and halfway up the tree to evaluate the tragedy.




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