Blind and Deaf Puppy Love, Anyone?

Just saying, this is the cutest puppy I ever met.

wpid-0818141631.jpg wpid-0818141631a.jpg wpid-0818141631b.jpg

This is Keller. He is 10 weeks old, Blind, and Deaf. My coworker rescued him after a man posted his puppy litter online for sale. He mentioned at the bottom that this little man, was to be disposed of, if no one came for him.

Let me tell you, there is nothing disposable about this handsome man. He’s going to live a spoiled, cushy, rotten life Full life surrounded by people who love him to bits.

It’s adorable… he bites alot. But, besides his nose, it’s his primary tool. He can’t see or hear, so he dives into life teeth first. We don’t mind his love nips one bit. Especially since his little puppy smeller is still developing. We love Keller and I just absolutely HAD to show him off!

Thanks for bringing him in Steph! Call me if you ever need a puppysitter!


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