Apartment Decor Shopping, Eeep!

Well friends,


I’m back from Ross and Marshall’s. Now if you’re not familiar with Ross and Marshall’s, it’s a beautiful land where all the department stores and top brands send the overstock to be sold at fractions of the price. It’s a magical place, where there’s a something for everyone, at a steal of a deal. For me, I happened to find 3 something especially for me and my new apartment. These happen to be my very first official apartment purchase. Eeep!

I purchased a rug, blanket, and laundry hamper. However, I’m returning the blanket (maybe) because right after my shopping, I received a dreamy snuggly moving-out present… The single softest blanket I’ve ever cuddled. I am obsessed and it matches my other purchases perfectly. So, the purchased blanket’s fate is pending. We’ll see! I made $14o in my yardsale, so I’m cutting my decor budget off at $140 as well. Every little dollar counts, so I’ve gotta think seriously about returns and such.

I won’t give away too many details, specifically because I have severe case of O.R.D (Obsessive Redecorating Disorder). Remember when I was completely obsessed with gold dotted decor? I thought long long long and hard about my new opportunity. New room, new place, new habits maybe? I wanted to stick to something general and neutral for when the O.R.D. kicks in and I hate Everything about my room. But as of right now, I LOVE everything about it! Here’s some of my inspiration!


room2 room3

As of right now, I’m leaning towards Warm, Soft, Comfy, plus many elements from home so I don’t drown in homesickness. I would like to think this design will stick. I thought ahead and kept the receipts for my new somethings… Just in case.

I move in in 11 days! I can’t believe it! Because my roommates have been living in the apartment for 4 years already, I don’t need to bring much for the household. Luckyy! But I still have a handful of things to bring. Towels, Cups, a Shower Caddy… other basics like that.

If anyone is feeling sweet, you’re welcome to jump on the Going-Away-Present Train. It’s next stop is the Target Gift Card Department. I wouldn’t complain…

Everyone have a nice night! All my love,


4 thoughts on “Apartment Decor Shopping, Eeep!

  1. Yipppeee! Moving day is almost here! =) I think decorating is one of the many perks of living on your own. You get to make it your own style! I love the inspiration boards you have! I love the soft, warm, and calming colors. Also, congrats on making a lot of $$ at your yard sale!!!! ❤

  2. Awww really cute inspiration!!! :)) Loving what you’re liking.It looks really cozy :)) TJ Maxx is great but also Ikea!! Love that place so much. I bought a super cute shag carpet and pillows and tons of other stuff there that I completely am in love with at a fraction of what I’d buy it for at other places. Good luck with the redecorating!!

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