9 Months Old, and I’m not the Only One

This is a special week for Taken By The Lapels,
This week, my Baby Blog turns 9 Months Old.

I wanted to celebrate my wonderful 9 Months by sharing something else wonderful that takes about 9 Months.

I am feeling very blessed, but I’m so much more blessed to know that our blog family is growing!
We are currently counting down the arrival of my dear friend’s bundle of joy,
Naomi Claire.


She already means the world to me because her Mommy, Heather (I bragged about her here) is one of my dearest readers, oldest friends, and biggest supporter. Heather was my Art Teacher way back before I could tie my own shoes, and every day since, she has been encouraging me to follow my heart. I’m so proud to know Heather and her hubby George, and I’m dying to meet the newest addition.

Heather didn’t know that My name was originally going to be Naomi. I still have my parents’ brainstorming slip of paper that said, Naomi Rose, Phoebe Rose, Tracy Rose… and the list goes on. I have always loved the name Naomi, and since I can’t have that name, I am thrilled that she will have it. It was also her Great Grandmother’s name. There is so much love and tradition already!

The name Naomi means “My Little Pleasant One”. I already know she will be a pleasant happy girl. Look at that big smile already.


My sweet Naomi, I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to be apart of this big big world you are about to join. I promise to be there for your Mommy and Daddy whenever they need. I promise to use my words to make your world a prettier, stronger, happier place. I promise to love and support you in everything you want to do,  just like your mommy has for me. 

Sweet baby girl, I’ll see you this October. 


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