The Nightmare That was My First Day of School

Today I am recapping my nightmare that was my first day of school yesterday..

  • The night before, I fell asleep with my TV and lights on, bag of chips in my arm, phone unplugged. Makes not for a restful night, however I did have a completely depleted battery! 10% battery left when my Alarm went off (Luck, straight luck)
  • I gave myself 40 minutes to make a 40 minute trip, forgetting about traffic of course. Barely made it. 
  • I forgot my student ID… but who needs to rent books anyway.
  • I actually, this is funny… I got FIRED via text message, on my first day of class, 5 days before I move out, for being too “inexperienced”, isn’t that so professional of them?
  • Instead of freaking the F*CK out that I have no job, I get really really talkative and sassy. Let’s just say I charmed the pants off everyone in the classes after that. We laughed the entire rest of the day.
  • I go to the library to charge my phone for my lunch hour, and THE POWER GOES OUT. The Entire Campus… people were going crazy, there were people locked in elevators, it was wild.
  • So then all the teachers cancel class and all 85 billion students try to leave the parking lot at once. What was a 40 minute trip was about 5 hours. 

I was doing really well. I wasn’t completely panicked. More angry and overwhelmed. I didn’t really loose it until my transmission began slipping the entire ride home. The AutoZone folks gave me a $60 temporary fix to prolong it’s life… which I just had spent on books…

ripped pants

BUT MY PANTS DIDN’T RIP! I didn’t trip and fall on my face or go into the wrong classroom… It could have been so much worse. 


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