Horizon Media International is Nothing but a FAKE!

Would you hire my fake company?

I had to create a fake position for myself at a fake company for my Business and Technical Writing course. We’ll be using it for different writing projects throughout the semester. We could “work” on any level in our business, but we did need to get creative and feed off our passions. What do you think of mine?  Frankly, I just wanted to brag because I Completely sold myself in the description, plus I guarantee I’m the only one in my class to think outside the U.S. of A.

What can I say, I like to push the envelope.


Horizon Media International

1001 Gay Street, Knoxville TN 37902

Cuesta de San Vicente 16 | Madrid 28008 MadridSpain (Centro)


Est. 1994

Business type: Branding, Advertising Agency, Graphic Design Services, Web Design

At Horizon Media International, we want to help your brand expand to it’s broadest horizons. Our team is specialized in the language, lifestyle, and consumer trends of your target North American and European audiences. Our team has combined over 70 years of experience working with internationally acclaimed brands like Disney, Samsung, Microsoft, and Nikon. Whether you need brand remodeling, advertising and commercial services, or web and graphic designs tailored to your company, look to the best. Look to Horizon Media International.

Keywords: Advertising, Branding Services, Commercial Design, Web Design, International Communication

Contact: Phoebe Spooner, Creative Director Spain

Contact email: pspooner@hmispain.com

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