How I Barely Survived Move In Weekend

My advice to you is to NEVER.

Let me say that again.


Move onto campus on an event weekend. Especially not the two biggest events during the Fall season. I have never seen so many police cars in my entire life. Saturday was Boomsday (For my city, we fill the downtown area along the riverfront with awesome food and vendors and music, kind of like a fair without rides. Then we shoot insane fireworks off the bridge synced to music. It’s 2 blocks from campus…) THEN Sunday was our first College Football game for University of Tennessee. GO VOLS! Now think over 100,000 people trying to park all over my campus and then all driving home all at once.

I’m pretty sure at least 100 people MUST have died from alcohol poisoning. The beer shelves at the grocery stores were barren. The only thing there was more of than drunks were police, which is good and bad.

The area I live in is called The Fort. That is the 100’s of student apartments that parallel the actual college classroom buildings. I thought it was named after the historical significance as it was once Fort Sanders back in the Civil War, but now I see it is called the Fort because it is IMPENETRABLE on a game night. Cops block EVERY SINGLE street entrance into the Fort area. It was to protect the 100,000 drunken fans wandering out that way to , BUT I just wanted to go home. I seriously drive around for 3.5 hours circling around and around trying to break in. I finally made it home at around 12:30.

It’s wild. BUT  I feel COMPLETELY and 100% SAFE in my well lit apartment building. I love it and none of the neighbors have pissed me off yet. I’m just looking forward to a quiet week of school to get settled in. Plus my firefighter daddy introduced me to the crew at the fire station just on the corner of my street. I have my own personal safe house now. Plus they’ll pull me out of the Fire/Riot first. YAY!

Shots from the process anyone?

wpid-0829142019a.jpg wpid-0829141555a.jpg wpid-0829141829a.jpgwpid-0829141921.jpg wpid-0831141542.jpg wpid-0830141059.jpgwpid-0831141445.jpg



One thought on “How I Barely Survived Move In Weekend

  1. Move in is always such insanity. I’m glad you survived! When I first moved into the dorms there were three elevators… two of them only went to every third floor. One went to all the others. Lucky for me I was on floor nine. 😉

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