To cut or not to cut…

I get about a million compliments on my hair. And I appreciate it. It’s very flattering and I am very thankful.

But compliments don’t replace hair brushes.

Everyone thinks they want  “long luxurious curly locks” however, you have no idea. You think it is worth it. You would give anything for hair like mine. But you are very mistaken.

I love my good hair days, but that may be once a week. The rest of the time my hair is in a sloppy bun (also known as the rat nest), or a fluffy lazy braid  (not cute and sleek like the other girls’). Rarely is it in a ponytail anymore, as it hangs in an ugly frizzy puff, with no curls to be seen.

It takes 30 minutes a  night in the shower, full of conditioner, with a comb and an arm cramp, to comb out this mess – no matter how tidy I keep it throughout the day. Even with all the products and chemicals involved, it still completely hit or miss in the morning. Will it be decent, or will I waste 30 minutes trying to salvage it, then throw it in a bun and run out the door.

I’ve tried everything, but honestly, when it was shorter, I looked pretty 75% more often. I always wanted long hair, and every time I cut it, I regret it. But every time I let it get too long, it’s just dead, dry, and miserable. This is the longest it’s ever been, but now I see why.

I miss my short hair! But my long hair is pretty… just… I might just have to cut it… I don’t know… someone tell me what to do.

hattt hair 5 hair4 hair6hair 3 hair1 hair2



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