Snapshot Sunday


It’s been a beautifully laid back day for me – which is a dream come true because I’ve been extremely stressed out for the past few weeks. I got to relax this morning after church, kicked back on the hammock at my boyfriend’s. I had a lovely view.


This is Jack, who wanted to join us inside for lunch. Grilled Chicken – can you blame him?


Then I got to make the breathtaking trip through the heart of downtown to my new job – which is going famously by the way! Get a look at that big Sunsphere, built in 1982 for the World’s Fair held in Knoxville. It’s kind of our thing here in K 🙂wpid-0920141442b.jpg

Driving right past the Tennessee Theater and historical Gay Street. Is this not to die for? I loved working in Market Square, just a block away from Gay Street. I’m very thankful I still get to pop onto Gay Street on my way to Marriott.


Ta-Da! What a beautiful sight! I’m adoring my new job at the Knoxville Marriott! I promise to update everyone just as soon as I steal some more time! Same goes for penpals! I love you, I swear! Darn that moving/school/new job stress!

Hope everyone is hanging in there! I love you all!

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