Mighter Than The Waves Of The Sea.

If you are anything like me, this is not the first time you find yourself completely trapped.

The truth is, you can look ahead to the future as you walk forward in your life, but if you don’t look down, you’ll miss the hole. Before you know it, you’ve fallen, in too deep, looking up at the sky thinking, how did I get here? Unfortunately, I know exactly how I got here actually. I’ve watched myself the past month through what I’ve been calling my “Destructive Rampage.”


It’s taken me until recently to realize, I had God beside me all along, and for the longest time, I was afraid to make a single decision without an hour’s worth of prayer beforehand. I couldn’t handle the fear of making the wrong decision. But as we all know too well, the faster life gets, the harder it is to find knee time. Here I am, looking at my handful of mistakes this month, trying to remember the last time I got on my knees and asked God to show me. stc

I’ve run myself off the road guys. I’m alright, I’m happy, I’m safe. But I am entirely too disconnected from my Main Man to be calling these shots. It’s time to do a hard reset on my lifestyle. I’m thankful for a God that won’t abandon me, a Mighty God who loves me for my impulsive, over zealous, self conscious, distractible self.


I’m not always a billboard for Jesus. I try to put my relationship with him first, before I go spreading the Gospel and preaching the news of my Lord Ah’mighty. I much prefer working on our relationship just me and Him, and not worrying about saving every Jill and Joe on the corner. I do however, like to share as We grow together as Father and child. I appreciate you guys allowing my bloggy to be an outlet now and then.

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