Hard Resets and Hair Cuts

Well, it’s been a pretty freaking weird past few months. Let’s just say all my big girl endeavors ended up a t-total flop. Long story short, I’m in the process of doing a hard factory reset on my life; Getting back to the way things were a few months ago before my ambition got ahead of me.

Now ask yourself,

What do girls do when life starts to get out of our control to prove (to the world? to ourselves?) that we have a grip on our life (which we totally don’t?)

We cut off all our hair! Hooray!

Fortunately, I had planned a big chop for a while, this was by no means impulsive. Nor was it a checkmate at life. I have no better grasp on what’s coming just because I took some scissors to my head. (If only it were that easy, right?)

The good news is, while I might not know what’s coming, I can say that I feel so much more confident about myself. Despite the thousand people that begged me not to cut it, I was able to stand all by myself and make my own decision. Turns out I look like a doll with cute hair after all – they said that, not me! I feel sassier. I feel like my own person again. cut

Sassy right?


Talk about a weight lifted off my shoulders!


My therapist, Krissie at Salon Barnes and Barnes. She was so amazing, went so slow, and talked me through everything. She didn’t let me get nervous once. She knew how to manage my kinky ethnic hair and I’d say she did a lovely job. I’ll probably be going to her for the rest of forever. I tipped her in S’mores Milkshakes from the restaurant next door to seal the deal. Love you Krissie!

curls wpid-1007141717.jpg

Haircuts are therapeutic dude.

Highly recommended.

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