Moving Back Home: You Don’t Have To Apologize

I really tore myself up over what people might say about me moving back home after 2 measly months on my own. I was afraid I would seem a failure, like I gave up the moment things got tricky. I had 100 different excuses prepared for my formal apology to the world…Apologizing as if my life decisions would actually let someone down…


I never got to introduce the best room mates on the planet – I hate to leave them but they forgive me!

I missed my family (despite how bat crazy they drive me on a minute-by-minute basis. I still Love Them!)

I’m not actually this Flaky I swear (To be a “Flake” means to make an empty commitment and not follow through. My commitment was 100% real, and I’m following through by finding a sublease.)

The money looked better on paper. (With maximum amount of hours possible and no sick days ever, I would only go into debt $5 a month!)

I’m all out of money  (Possibly because I signed the lease with no job and wasted 2 weeks searching and eating away my savings)

I’ve never been so hungry in my life. (I used to joke about college students being hungry in high school. Ha.)

Living on Campus scared me. (It didn’t bother me the first 5 sexual assaults on campus in 5 weeks, but week 6 with a full fledged rape a few blocks away… C’mon)

I don’t party. (But my neighbors do.)

Work just won’t give me enough hours.(Said everyone ever…but if I took on another job my grades would T-A-N-K)

I just want to get out now before I’m in over my head and before I start using loan money.

Successful world travelers with happy families, great jobs, and stable money didn’t move out at 19 with no job, no money, and no plan. They saved and planned and scraped and worked hard instead of jumping at the first chance at “Freedom”.

And quite frankly folks, I’m dating an American Airlines employee. And I have Marriott hotel benefits now that I work there. Do you see what I’m saying? All I ever wanted for my life is to travel the world and quite frankly, a round trip ticket first class to Italy is under $200…And I’m blowing $800 a month on bills for this place? Really? C’mon.

People. We don’t need to apologize for our life decisions. Unless you screwed up someone else’s life – go live yours! I just beat around the bush for 2 weeks trying to figure out how to ask my Mommy if she would let me come home. You know her answer? Do I need boxes.

Moving out was so so amazing. Turns out I’m REALLY good at taking care of myself. I’m a great room mate, I am responsible. I make the money work. I keep things clean and food in the fridge somehow.

But that “freedom” isn’t worth everything else that matters to me.

Thanks for loving and supporting me y’all! The current news is, we met a girl who is interested in subleasing for me. Once she signs the papers, I’m free to go. We’ll see if she flakes out in the next few weeks. I guess I’ll start boxing up my things soon! I’m pretty excited.

The 100% honest truthful reason why I’m moving home is I miss my kitty baby. Someone must protect her from Dog.



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