Ode To My First Flat Tire

Life man.

I couldn’t help but share my oddball of a day. It’s been unusual since I rolled out of bed. It’s rainy day #9 in Knoxville (I’m starting to feel like Portland). I’ve given up on the sun, but I was determined to still have a bright day.

Unfortunately, my lucky stars weren’t so lucky or bright today.

When I got back to my car after class, my rear view mirror had fallen off? What? The attaching glue lost all it’s sticky and so I was driving almost blind. It wasn’t any fun in heavy traffic.

BUT WAIT, somehow despite my extra cautious driving, I managed to blow out my tire. On the interstate, all by myself.

wpid-1016141543.jpg wpid-1016141543a.jpg

I could totally change a tire if I ever had needed to in the past. And I was more than prepared to be walked through it. I was ready. But I totally get my dad saying -Um no. I’m not walking you through how to make your rolling death trap roll on a spare – for the first time.” So props to my dad driving 45 minutes to rescue me.

However, let’s discuss the 45 minute wait on a busy interstate with a fleeting cellphone battery. Plus I was extremely late for work. I would just like to say kudos Phoebz, for keeping your shit together.

Of course it wasn’t over. We got back on the main interstate and caught up to about 30495 miles of bad wreck traffic. SUPER Late to work at this point. My sweet father followed me the whole way knowing I would have a panic attack staying at 40 mph (spare tire problems). What a guy.

Anyway, I made it to work, and managed to crank out 7 paragraphs about the time I got a flat tire. What a day what a day!

3 thoughts on “Ode To My First Flat Tire

  1. Oh no!!!!! I’m so sorry, Phoebz!!!!! =( Car troubles are the worst AND you were by yourself?!! Ugh…..!!! Hugs to you!!!!

    I’m glad you were able to get something done to pass the time and that your dad was there to help. Even though this sucks, at least you were not hurt =) Here’s to better car days!!!

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