Halloween Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Turns out I make an excellent ghost.

Here’s a little behind the scenes action from my very first group shoot! I had some photographer friends with new equipment to test, so I got invited to do a theatrical spooky Halloween shoot. Unfortunately, our so called “abandoned factory” wasn’t so abandoned after all. Let’s just say the old owner happened to be in town…
Luckily, we ended up at the neatest old cemetery! (Don’t worry, we prayed first and were very respectful!)

My amazing photographers are hard a work editing this week, so stay tuned! – The Woman In Black


Little Red borrowing my favorite dress! I can not believe how good she looked! I think her shots will turn out to be some of my favorites!


Rocky and Stephanie doing their thang. I’ll be sure to introduce them both upon the big reveal!image

We opted out of using the fog machine in the cemetery! If only we had the creepy warehouse. Oh grumpy man – why did you have to run us off?

wpid-1018141443.jpg wpid-1018141503.jpg

The whole night, my legs were shivering but I just ADORED that dress. I’ve never had as use for it!


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