#NailedIt Ghost Peeps Brownies

top brownies with ghost Peeps at the last 10 min and brown | Home is Where the Boat Is

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dropped the ball on that potluck you signed up for…

You know the one.  Where everyone is probably going to bring their culinary A-Game to impress the crowd. There’s nothing worse than rolling up to the party and realizing, Oh Man! My Appetizer!

Luckily, I remembered the night before, at about 11:00pm. I cut it pretty close, right? So I did the standard girl thing and locked myself in the bedroom with my laptop and Pinterest. Look at these little cutie pies from Home Is Where The Boat Is!

I got a two for one with that little number! A great recipe and an amazing new blog to follow! So here’s my #NailedIt for the week. Halloween themed pot luck –  I Got You Bro!


So, I waited way too long with my Peeps on broil after the brownies were done. They kinda smushed together. Plus, their original Peep faces melted off at first – I was in panic mode until I found the chocolate chips. So I was able to pull it together! Costing a total of $7 for Brownie Mix and Peeps, voila!

Peeps A La Brownie!

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