Need Last Minute Costume Inspiration? Just Check Out These Critters

Need a little last minute costume ideas? Let these crazy critters inspire you!

Tonight, I couldn’t help but share the completely fabulamazing composition of cats and horses in costume. I was shown these adorable costumed critters by a friend, and I seriously can’t take the cuteness. I’m set on my halloween costume, but I could easily be persuaded to copycat that little penguin!

wpid-img_155672429587857.jpeg wpid-img_155676981823474.jpegwpid-img_155670032090528.jpeg wpid-img_155663032639896.jpeg wpid-img_155658336195519.jpeg wpid-img_11945387192263.jpeg wpid-img_11926685315263.jpeg wpid-img_11910878661823.jpeg wpid-img_11904949926893.jpeg wpid-img_11901935246596.jpeg wpid-img_11891775136723.jpeg

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