9 Essentials For Your Industrial Designed Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love frills and lace as much as the next girl. But sometimes, when you have to see it every single day, it gets a little old. However, there’s good news, even for us doily toting, cream with pop-of-color lovers!  Interior design is such a dynamic market, thank goodness, and over the past few years, designers have inspired hundreds of themes and options. The up and up lately is leaning towards a more industrial style.


And if I may say, they are looking GOOD! It’s an eye catching and unique route to go in your designs, gender neutral, and completely open for customization. I’m slowly getting charmed by the way cold industrial elements can mix with such warm and personal pieces. I’m looking forward to my next place, giving it a little wrought-iron lovin’! So for all us fans, here’s the 10 features to consider when designing your Industrial styled home.

1)Exposed brick. It may be tricky to find a place with exposed brick interiors, but it’s likely you’re on the right track. For some, that is a deal breaker. Many people don’t recognize the potential in a rusty, brown, greyish, or even multi-colored wall. Paired in the right way, you have an effortless conversation piece.

ind1 ind2

2)Color isn’t the enemy. While you want to embrace the monochromatic tones, you’ll wish you had more than grey in your life. Work in natural colors to highlight key aspects of the room.

ind9 ind11

3) Upcycle. The moment you start to see the value is that old rejected pieces, the moment you find a treasure. Be it a table, desk, filing system… old pipes and wires. Every item has a higher calling. You may have had the piece de resistance sitting under your nose all this time. There’s nothing a little elbow grease can’t polish up.

ind10 For a similar sheepskin please visit: https://www.etsy.com/people/NaturalBazaar

4)Experiment with light. Lamps and Chandeliers are some of the coolest room accents available because there is so much variety in the selection. Then there is the matter of where and how to hang it. Once installed/ you will see for yourself how big of a difference the smallest detail in lighting choices are. Even the minute details play a part in the room as a whole.

ind17 ind16

5) Signage. Interesting signs have always been a considered a classic smokestack accent. One eye catching sign is enough to tie together the whole room.

ind8 ind4

6) Iron and pipes. Maybe it’s the echo of the style’s inspiration. Iron features throughout the space reflect the original warehouse/factory’s design that you’re imitating. Plus they’re so neat looking!  Pipes alone can serve as hanging sources, visual art, and support beams for other things. Iron in general attracts the eye. Personally, I find these iron stairs to die for.

ind15 ind14 ind13

7) Open up the windows and let in the light. Unfortunately, we can’t all have dreamy clock tower lofts or full windowed walls, however, we can utilize the windows we have. Remember. We are going for modern industrial, not the early 1900’s labor dungeons. You want light, even a slight breeze to open up the space and keep it inviting and not too gloomy.

ind7 ind3

8) Incorporate the Clocks. I’m sure you’re still dreaming of the clock tower loft. There’s really something to be said about the visual appeal of the clock in a big space. Maybe it’s the symmetry or the way circular forms compliment everything. If you’ve got a cool clock, use it!

ind12 little-man vintage travel room.  RDNY.com - No Fee Apartment Rentals in New York City.

9) Maps, Maps, and More Maps! These are so trendy in the industrial design theme now. Every example you find, you’ll see maps somewhere in the photo. Who doesn’t love the charm of a map though? It inspires, reminding us there is a big world out there. I feel like atlases are growing more popular with all the trending design themes actually. Can you blame them?

ind6 ind5

You’ll notice many of these rooms have common elements. Brick, Iron, Map, Sign, Light, Clock, Window – you can’t make this stuff up folks! You’re well on your way to a jaw dropping industrial designed home. All you need is your personal touch and you’ll be set to go! What else would you put in your Industrial home?


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