I Left My Heart in Philadelphia

You know you’ve had an outstanding vacation when less than 24 hours in a new city has you heading home feeling like a week has passed! S and I took on the town last week, skipped school and hopped a jet to Philadelphia! It was completely incredible! I got to experience so many new things – it was awesome! Plus, I got to quote Will Smith for almost 24 hours straight….

1. My first Philly Cheese Steak. Don’t worry – I braved the authentic street vendor version! Oh my gosh! Best $4 lunch I’ve ever had. Seriously Knoxville, you’ve been trying way too hard all these years. Philly is really where it’s at.


2. My first Macy’s. Let the record show, it’s everything I’ve dreamed of and more. Plus we got there just in time to see the Christmas decorations beginning to go up! So, I think Knoxville would be a much better place if we got one of these marvelous stores. Or at least this bag.


3. My first Taxi ride to the center of town! I’ve never been in a real life metered taxi – so that was a hoot! I felt like such a city gal! Round Knoxville Parts, We Ain’t Got Nothing like this!

4. My first Subway ride. Which was actually pretty nice! The seats were comfy and the place smelled just fine. Not crowded at all! Now – does TV over dramatize the subway system, or is that just New York’s? Maybe I just caught them on a good day.

5. I saw the Bell for the first time! And Liberty park! It was so beautiful, tucked away between skyscrapers, you could almost forget you were standing in the heart of the foundation of our little ole Country! Go Merica!

phl1 phila8phl2

6. Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia Style. My first Hard Rock experience – I could practically taste the Rock and Roll in my burger. Unfortunately, I was so entirely stuffed I couldn’t finish!

7. LOVE! I found LOVE! Love park is just adorable. The famous sign was much smaller than I was expecting, but I didn’t even care! The city of Brotherly Love, Oh Philadelphia! I love you!

phl4        phila7

Don’t worry – soon I’ll be posting ALL about Philly Zoo, which was the entire purpose of going to PHL. And be you forewarned. I SAW MY BEARS!

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