Pity…Party of One…Your Table Is Ready…

I’ve legitimately been complaining for days. Allergies, School, Work, Seriously I could go on for days. But because I already have, I’m completely calling myself out on it.

These have legitimately been my Facebook Posts this week. Nothing but a Pity Party.


November 2 at 1:40pm ·

A student works 39+ hours while attending college full time, in notably difficult courses many of her classmates have dropped out of or plan to repeat. How does she succeed?
She doesn’t.
November 3 at 10:49am ·

Strapped onto the struggle bus today.
Love is letting her pick out the Netflix movie of the night (a princess movie of course) then letting her sleep on your shoulder from the opening song to the credits.He wasn’t even mad. Love you babe.
November 4 at 9:21pm ·

Knoxville Allergy Season got me like
Knoxville Allergy Season got me like

I have no excuses. It was me. Guilty. Fortunately, I’m feeling so much better. I’ve slept. I finally went grocery shopping. I finished one semester group project. I cleaned out my car, AND put oil and gas in it. I paid my bills, AND I get another check next week.

AND. I got accepted to University of Tennessee. What is this life? Is this what it feels like to be caught up? Almost? It’s marvelous. So now that I’m past my Pity Party, I would just like to apologize to everyone on my friends list. And also remind myself:


Do you ever throw yourself a pity party? Of course you do, we all do! The best way to make up for it is to remember to laugh at yourself. Because seriously, you should never take yourself too seriously. Let yourself be a bum, let yourself complain, but remember to let yourself enjoy the good days.

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