Smart Goals – T is for Timely


So you want to loose 10 lbs. That’s nice. But when do you want to lose it by? Goals need to be anchored by a time frame.

Otherwise, you’ll have no sense of urgency. Saying you want to loose 10 lbs by “Someday” won’t get you up and moving. But let’s say you wanted to loose it by April 30th, right before bikini season. A Timely plan will help you set your unconscious mind into motion! All you have to do now is get your body in motion.

Time-Bound goals mean deadlines. When you work under that deadline, all of a sudden your sense of urgency kicks in. Your achievements come that much quicker!



I think my best goal to evaluate here is Moving Out. If you’re like me and you’ve moved out before and failed – yeah that’s no fun. And the entire reason it fell through is because the Timing Was All Wrong. I moved out right after I lost a job, the first week of a new school year, and I had no savings. Honestly, you couldn’t have waved that red flag in my face. I didn’t catch it – I went ahead and signed the lease.

So looking at a timeframe now, I’m gonna keep in mind that

1) I also want to go on a trip. Should I move out first? Or wait and see what my savings look like.

2) If I land an internship, I will be working less hours and making less money. Can I support myself?

3)Why did I double my savings? For trip, internship, or moving?

4) First semester at a University? Should I wait out my first semester and make sure I can handle the assignment load with working to pay bills?

I’m definitely gonna wait on moving! In fact, It might be better off waiting longer than a year! It’s something I need to look into now that I’ve evaluated it! Are you noticing any changes in your time table for your goals?



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