2015, I’ll drink to that.

A lot of amazing things happened this year:

I started a blog, I became a scuba diver, I spent part of the summer in St. Croix, USVI. I went to Philadelphia, and in a few days, New York and DC. My friend had her baby, Naomi.  I got a new job at the Marriott. Very cool.

But a lot of really crappy things happened too.

In fact, I’d venture to say, I wish I were 21 and I could drink 2014 right off the calendar this New Years Eve – Wake up and say “Hmm, what happened to 2014? Oh Well, let’s never think of it again.” Unfortunately, I absolutely hate the taste of alcohol. And I’m not even 20 until Friday. So there goes that concept.

My 2014 Game Was Not Strong.

Should not have moved out.
Should not have hurt so many relationships warning me not to move out.
Should not have taken that job when I had a great one already.
Should not have gotten fired.
Should not have let my best friend move away. 
Should not have gotten that demon puppy. 
Should not have cut it so close with my course grades. 
Should not have to reconstruct the dynamics of so many relationships. 
Should not have cut off my hair thinking it would change anything. 

I guess I gotta thank the High Apple Pie In the Sky for giving me a roof, a coat, a meal, and a few good folks who love me. God’s cool like that. I’m thankful.

But, I’m very extra thankful that this year is almost gone! 

I’ll drink to that.


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