Aquarium Birthday Date with Kelly


This is what happens when two best friends celebrate your 20th birthday a little early.

Last night, Kelly Akers texted me like – Hey don’t have plans tomorrow.

First we were gonna Dollywood, but then we were gonna tube down mountains of snow in Ober Gatlinburg, but then I got afraid of heights, so she took me to pet my favorite animal  – Stingray!

wpid-1216141417a.jpgIMGP0627 IMGP0632 IMGP0652

He waved at me! Look, look, see?!

IMGP0658 IMGP0670

Why the long face, Mr. Fish?

IMGP0682 IMGP0685

“Look Kelly, It’s a Chainsaw Fish”

IMGP0697 IMGP0698

I love puffer fish because they are always smiling – like me!

IMGP0706 IMGP0714


IMGP0715 IMGP0723 IMGP0728 IMGP0739

OH and we pet jellyfish and saw penguins too.

image4 image2

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