Holiday Favorites!

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Happy Holidays!

It’s been a dozy of a past few weeks! We had some miracles, tragedies, birthdays, adventures, and we’re creeping up on Christmas and 2015! I hope everyone is finding loved ones to be around as we say goodbye to this busy year! For me, the first week of January means Taken By The Lapels turns 1 year old!  I’m quite excited, and I hope you’ll be apart of the adventures the next year! For now, I’m taking the Holiday Favorites Challenge from

  1. My holiday favorites start with setting the overall mood, and that includes watching holiday movies! It’s not the holidays without these – for me at least!
  • Elf “Bye Buddy, Hope you Find your Dad!”
  • Unaccompanied Minors  “Oh My Gosh, It’s a Girl Fight”
  • Christmas Vacation “Can’t evensee the line, can you Russ?”
  • Mickey’s Once and Twice upon a Christmas. “Where are my boys! Where are my kisses?!”

2. Ever since we were tiny, our stockings had only 4 things.  It may seem silly, but it’s my absolute favorite tradition. If I had no tree, no ham, no presents, and no carols – I would be satisfied with a stocking filled with love and exactly the perfect surprises.

Something to Eat. Something to Read. Something to Play With. & Something you Need.

Favorite stocking stuffers have got to be my first bite of Taffifay, that magazine subscription to Equine Magazine from when I was obsessed with cowgirls, our first Nintendo 64 game – Pokémon Stadium of course. and a new pair of Fuzzy socks!

3. Another favorite is gift hunting. I pride myself on my gift skills. I keep ears in gift mode all year so I know exactly what you’ll forget you needed!  Oh, and I learned some new crafting skills, so expect some homemaders!

4. Spreading the Cheer! I’m a December baby and I’m notorious for visiting other cities on my birthday, December 19th. So, I get to see other cities dressed to the holiday 9’s. All covered in Christmas lights – decked with wreaths and bows!

5. Now that we’re older, It’s not so much about the receiving of gifts. However – I usually save the most important needs for the holidays! It’s such a relief getting those essentials!  This year, Santa is bringing me a new backpack for the first time in 3 years! And maybe rainboots! My feet and shoulders have taken a beating this year. I’m pumped!

6. Christmas Music!!! Someone needs to confiscate my Pentatonix Holiday CD before I play it to death! Rumpapumpum!

7. The end of the year! If you’re anything like me, 2014 left me with some head scratchers. I know everything happens for a reason – hopefully the new year will bring us answers, challenges, and opportunities!

So there you have it! My holiday favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading mine and I hope that you can do a post on yours! I would love to read all about them! What are your holiday favorites, I’d love to know! Happy holidays, and be safe !

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