For Leelah: Rest in Peace, Rest in Power

Tonight, I’m doing my part as a
1) Young Adult in a brutally critical world.
2) A Christian who refuses to forget God’s unconditional love for all.
3) An individual blessed with a few extraordinary friends in the LGBT community



I can’t say much for my peers. I can’t say much for other Christians. I can’t say much for the individuals who drove you into such a dark place. All I can say, you already know. People fear what they don’t understand.
All I can promise you is that your death will help people understand. Your death will matter. It will make waves. I wish you peace in your afterdays knowing that the conversations have begun.


After 17 years of battling with her identity, her family, and society, Leelah Alcorn found a way to fight the brutality against the transgender community. Unfortunately, she took her own life in order to bring attention to the issue LGBT individuals face every day. Earlier this week, She was struck by a tractor-trailor on an interstate 4 miles from her home in Ohio.

Leelah wrote in a post on the social media blog site Tumblr scheduled to appear the next day.

“The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like humans, with valid feelings and human rights…my death needs to mean something.”


Already, you’re making waves. You’ve make an impact on the world and I’m proud to share your name and story and be apart of the revolution that is equality.

People fear what they don’t understand. I promise to take every opportunity I can to stop the violence. I understand that there are thousands of LGBT individuals who face rejection by family and friends, discrimination, victimization or violence and because of this, they have higher risk of attempting suicide. I also promise to be an open door for friends and fans in my life who need a place to turn to without judgment or ridicule.


Over Christmas Leelah shared this on her social media-

“If you were suicidal at all this year, or any year in the past, and are alive right now for Christmas and new years then I just wanna say I am so freaking proud of you. Me and thousands of other people are. You are amazing, strong, and definitely made the right choice. Please make the right choice next year, and in all the years to come as well.”

Rest in Power #LeelahAlcorn

Thanks for letting me share this story you guys. I recognize many of you may share a difference of opinion. Tonight though, it’s not about my fans or my readers. It’s about a real issue. Thanks guys.

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