Showcase Saturday: Bradley Cantrell

Since Future Entrepreneur Friday isn’t a thing. Happy Showcase Saturday!


I really wanted to showcase an old classmate from high school who – while he’s always been an outstanding artist – in the past year, he’s completely blown me away with how far his photography has come. As an art lover and blogger, I feel it’s my duty to the people to share Bradley Cantrell’s photography business – and profound talent.

I’m a sucker for a stellar shot. I work with quite a few photographers, but what I love about Bradley’s work is that he isn’t a photographer. He’s an artist. Before he takes a shot, he can picture his shot from 10 different angles, then he finds a way to personalize it.

The Product:


Amazing right? I’ve scrolled through hundreds of his shots trying to pick my favorites to showcase, and I’m having a hard time. That’s when I decided I needed to share this guy, as an artist or a potential hire. Maternity, Senior Portraits, Engagement and Wedding day, even Family and Pet shoots. You want it, he’s got it.

I would apologize for not narrowing it down, but I can’t. Here are my hand selected favorites.

1 2 3   56

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

16 4

Bradley and his beautiful assistant Eva Rathbone are a force to be reckoned with. I’m backing Bradley’s new photography business 100%. Hopefully there’s a photo shoot in my future, plus when I’m in the advertising industry, he’s the first one I’m going to call. Good luck to you in your career!

To see more or to get in touch with Bradley Cantrell Photography:



eva eva2

If you’d like to be showcased on the blog, just swing by the Contact Me page! I’d love to have you!

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