The Impossible 2014 Quiz

Are your hangovers gone yet? Have the “New Year, New Me” selfies faded out of your feed? Are you ready for the new year? Well before you dive into 2015, let’s check your facts. How well do you know 2014? With the help a few cheeky comedian friends (Including the Fantastic Shane Rhyne) We give you the Impossible 2014 Quiz


1. Which of these pairs did not lead the world to the brink of war in 2014:

a). Russia and Ukraine

b) ISIS and the Taliban

c) Couples in a same sex marriage

d) Seth Rogen and James Franco

2. Who wins for MILF of the year?

a) Kourtney Kardashian

b) Olivia Wilde

c) Scarlet Johanssen

d) Megan Fox

e) Snooki

3. Who was the #1 searched Celebrity

a) Jennifer Lawrence

b) Arianna Grande

c) Kim K

d) Kate Middleton

4. Victims of which 2014 Obsession have a 30% chance of dying

a) “All About That Bass”

b) 50 shades of Grey

c) Frozen

d) Beiber Fever

e) Ebola

5. Which character was not voiced by Robin Williams:

a) Genie in Aladdin

b) Ramon/Lovelace in Happy Feet

c) Fender in Robots

d) Sebastian in Little Mermaid

e) Batty Koda in FernGully

6. Four of these TV Shows almost broke Netflix. Which did not?

a) American Horror Story

b) Orange is the New Black

c) The Walking Dead

d) Breaking Bad

e) Big Bang Theory

7.  In 2014, We landed a rover on…

a) Mars

b) The Moon

c) Comet

d) Russia

8. What does OPEC stand for?

a) Oil Production Executive Corporation

b) Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

c) Oil Production and Exportation Company

d) Oil Price Establishment Corporation

9. Which country made MVP (Most Vexed Players) in the World Cup 2014. 

a) Brazil

b) Qatar

c) Germany

d) U-S-A

10. America dumped ice on it’s head for all but 1 of these reasons.

a)  Increase awareness of Lou Gherig’s Disease

b) Raise money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

c) Because your cousin tagged you.

d) fight a disease that attacks the nerve system and damages control voluntary muscle movement.

11. Which of the following malls held a Die-In 

a) Manhattan Mall

b) Calhoun Square Mall, Minnesota

c) King of Prussia, Philadelphia

d) Adventura of Miami


1) All of the Above 2) You Decide 3) A 4) E 5) D 6) E 7) C 8) B 9)A 10)C 11) C

How well did you do? Alright, for the sake of comedy, we gave you some freebies. I know you’ll all join me in saying Good Riddance to an eventful year – gone and donefor. & Cheers to 2015!

Wishing you happiness, wealth, and great “We’ll laugh at this someday” Stories

– Phoebe and her Comedian Friends

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