6 Steps to Surviving a High-Turnover Job


Some jobs naturally have a higher employee turnover rate than others. Maybe it is a stepping stone job. Or perhaps, it’s just difficult or requires a high level of patience – which we all know is a God given gift we aren’t all blessed with. When the workforce is constantly changing, it can be taxing on your temper. The schedule is never solid, there’s always a gap in who’s-trained-on-what. Relationships can be difficult to form and long term employees can get close-knit. Sometimes too close knit, and it poses a challenge for new team members feeling like they belong.

There’s no doubt that a high-turnover creates a stressful atmosphere in the workplace, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad job. If you’re like co-workers from my past, they were all working their way up the ladder towards management. That means you gotta tough it out. So here are 7 tips to Surviving in a High-Turnover Job, or jobs with role changes?

1) Make Connections. 

From the get-go, you want to establish a personal connection with new hires/newly promoted. Depending on their position, you may be depending on them throughout your career together. Or, they could be an you weren’t expecting. This is true even across different departments. If you work closely together, it’s good to give them a face to a voice. A successful connection will bring successful results instead of just, “I don’t know, it must have been that new person” or, “Don’t they know I’m new at this?”

Dad never met a stranger and became close friends with people from all walks of life.

2) Establish Roles.

Newly hired superiors will be focused on establishing leadership with the team. You’ll want to stand out and show your confidence in your position. If you offer them opportunities to gain your respect, you will get to see their management style. Of course, if you’re equals, you want to establish your knowledge and make yourself available for questions, but if you’re not a “teacher” be sure to redirect questions. Nothing is worse than 10 people saying “My way is the best way and everyone else is wrong.”

3) Make Communication happen.

Everything about getting a new job is intimidating. Asking questions you think are stupid, getting corrected over and over, having to memorize passwords/facts/codes/rules, and especially cliques among your new peers. If your new peers are afraid to ask questions, they won’t ask questions. Also, if you discourage questions, you’ll hit the same blockade.

4) Set boundaries.

You also don’t want to be too friendly and social. You need a fair boundary. I’ve had coworkers that will sit there and spill their life story while I’m busy trying to work. I’ve also been there too. When I first got hired, everyone was super friendly, therefore I got super chatty – therefore extremely annoying. They had to lay some boundaries and it was difficult hearing it – Save them some suffering, and your own as well.


5) Bust your tail.

If you’ve got a high-turnover job, you’re going to go from “New Girl” to Trainer real fast. Pay attention to your supervisors. You never know when your upper levels are going to change. Your supervisor may be promoted next week without warning. Suddenly, you realize you’re being primed for the next level. Will you be ready? I had to take some initiative and list out the skills I have to work on before we take on a new hire. I can’t be the “girl full of questions” forever.

6) Remember: New Employees are Friends, Not Food. 

Working at a hotel with a very high turnover rate.. - Imgur


One thought on “6 Steps to Surviving a High-Turnover Job

  1. Haha! to the last one!! ❤ "New employees are friends not food." I love it!! Most of my jobs in my entire lifetime have been in retail at the mall and just recently, a community homeless shelter in the city. Both are high turnover jobs but with different clients to work with.

    I can relate in that it's important to build relationships with one another bc on those days you don't feel like going to work, just knowing they'll be there makes it worth it! =)

    Also, great tip on busting your tail bc you really don't know when your supervisor gets fired for whatever reason and now you'll be the one people will be coming to until they hire a new person (if they do at all!) Happy new year, Pheebs!! Love ya!!

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