Badass Women Wednesday: Andrea Marshall

Happy Bad Ass Women Wednesday!

It’s not easy being an incredible woman in this day an age. My entire blog was inspired by the words and work of Dr. Maya Angelou who’ll always hold a special place on my list of Phenomenal women. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to stand out, stand up, speak out, and fight back. When you come across an individual who makes waves – the girl deserves an applause. Can I get an Amen?

Today I’m saluting Andrea Marshall. Here’s why this woman is so B-A.

a) She’s young. But did she let that hold her back? No. Andrea is the First person in the world to complete a PhD on Manta Rays. Can you imagine?

b) She’s driven. Just 3 years ago, her research on Manta Rays helped the species become a Declared Threatened Species

c) She’s brave. Cashing in your entire life’s saving for an animal? Investing your life in studying a species who’s existance was that was barely acknowledged in the textbooks?

d) She’s unstoppable.  She founded the Marine Megafauna Foundation, a world-leading research programs in Mozambique, Ecuador, Mexico, Belize, Myanmar, Indonesia, Qatar, Tanzania and Brazil.

e) Manta rays are my favorite undersea creature. Anyone who loves them as much as I do – and it’s fair to say she might love them more – is a friend of mine.

“To the people that say there’s nothing left to discover and that everything’s been done – are you out of your mind?…Ordinary people are discovering extraordinary things everyday” – Andrea Marshall

I’d like to introduce you to my pick for most Bad Ass Woman, Andrea Marshall!


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