Electronics vs. Learning: A 7 Year Old Weighs In

So, I was out and about with Miss Ellie the other day. She is 7 and we were talking about how exciting the 3rd grade was about to be. She was telling me all about school and what she likes to do and her favorite subjects.

ell elll

But then she said something entirely disturbing.

She as talking about the “coolest” teacher in the 5th grade at her school. Apparently, he’s the one every single little kid wants to have for 5th grade. When I asked why, this is what she told me.

“He is so cool because when you finish with your work and all your homework, he says you can play with your electronics! He is the only teacher who let’s his class do that!    All the other classes have to read but in his class, you can bring your iPad or a tablet or a phone or anything. If I am in his class, I could bring my kindle and play Minecraft when we are done learning. He is the coolest and I really really hope he is my teacher.”

From the mouths of babes.

This is no joke folks. When they are done learning? Um, when I was in school you weren’t allowed to stop learning until the bell rang. I asked her if she liked to read and she said she likes it sometimes. *Whew* That’s good. A Salvageable soul. I tried to explain to her that grownups were afraid for kids her age. I told her how sad the books must be because they don’t get opened and how lonely the art supplies must get since no one is drawing their thoughts – just Minecrafting them.

She almost understood. We agreed to go to the big downtown library next playdate.

Does anyone with families want to weigh in? Did I handle this well? I’ve been watching this doll since she was 6 months, so I am thankful she’s not too far gone yet. (Props to the parenting, which I know isn’t easy when their kids are living in a tech-driven world.) Do you know any kids that are just hopeless?


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