Michelle’s Recap of Obama’s Speech in Knoxville

President Obama came to Knoxville!

It’s a very exciting time of year in East Tennessee. The big guy himself came to my old community college today to speak about a proposition to help any individual, regardless of age, afford community college. My former classmate Michelle had the opportunity to sit during the President’s speech. Afterwards, Michelle shared her opinion of the Education Proposal. While I’m not a fan of Politics in general, I did love Michelle’s unbiased and eloquently written two cents.

“Nothing is free. We all know that. The (over) use of the word ‘free’ is simply semantics. It is a trigger word to get your attention. “At no immediate out of pocket cost to you” is more realistic, but it does not have quite the same appeal. Politicians are the ultimate salesmen. They are trying to sell you their agenda. You do not have to buy what they are selling. If you believe you have a better product, sell it!

The President made two of the best points I heard from any of the speeches today. He said that if a Republican from Tennessee and a Democrat from Chicago can both come to the conclusion that higher education and training is key to our economic growth, and actually DO something to make it happen, then why can’t we as AMERICANS do the same and work together for nation wide education reform? Thank you. The President made two of the best points I heard from any of the speeches today. The second point was President Obama said that it should not matter what your last name is, what family you were born into, who you are, how you worship, or what race you are, etc. that if you have the desire and capacity to further your training and education, then you should have the opportunity to do so. Again, thank you.

So why should Americans be eager to fund through federal money via tax dollars such radical education reform? Not everyone has been afforded the ability to fund their education. Do the reasons really matter? Yes and no. So let us generalize it a bit for sake of argument. When someone furthers their training and education, they become more marketable. They are more qualified for higher paying jobs. Higher wages means more taxes are being paid, individuals have more income to spend, the money spent boosts local economy, the number of families and individuals living in poverty is decreased, and the dependence on government assistance is decreased. That benefits everyone. It just makes good business sense. As a nation, we are impatient. We want instant gratification. But when you invest in PEOPLE, the long term pay out is what is important, not the upfront cost.

You can like or dislike President Obama. But does that really matter here? I am ready and eager to put party politics and personal opinion aside to work toward a better future. Are you?
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Thank you Michelle White for sharing your review of the President’s speech! Michelle is the lovely lady on the left in the front. You’ve got a beautiful family, and a beautiful soul! Thanks! 

One thought on “Michelle’s Recap of Obama’s Speech in Knoxville

  1. I love this Phoebe. “But when you invest in PEOPLE, the long term pay out is what is important, not the upfront cost.” I completely agree, and once the details get worked out, I think it’s a valuable aim to provide everyone the opportunity for an education. I love it that Pellissippi was chosen as the setting and that TN has been a pioneer!

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