Alternatives to Flipping Your Shit

Are you on the verge of a meltdown and you need some options? Are you feeling on the wave? The wave we all get once in our life where our situation is particularly trying? You’ve got this challenge to face and you don’t know where to begin. All you know is you are overwhelmed.

I completely understand. I had quite a few opportunities where a total meltdown was completely within reason.

But I didn’t because I had my 6 alternatives to turn to! Could have. Should have. No one would have judged. I had a well deserved flipping of the shit I could have capitalized on – but you know what I did instead?


That’s right. I bought a flippin’ plant! Two of them! And I feel like a champion now. So My #1 Alternative To Flipping Your Shit Is: Buy A Succulent.  I had a little succulent bud during my first move away from home. He survived the toughest 3 months of my life and I’ve been itching for a new one. It’s just a pretty peaceful addition to my day. Little bit of sunshine and just a drop of water makes these desert plants a foolproof companion and stress reliever.


If you’re up for a little more responsibility, why not redirect your energy towards something that can love you back. #2 Alternative: Get A Pet. Now, I still doubt if Godiva actually loves me. But I know for a fact she’s my best friend. If she could talk, I swear my voice would come out. I don’t know where she got that attitude. At the end of the day though, she’s purring way to loud for me to focus on my stressors.


#3 Alternative: Write It Out. I’ve always loved writing, but I was never particularly good at journaling. I always felt like I was writing to someone else, so I wasted time catching myself up on what’s happened since the last time I wrote. I never just addressed the emotions on hand. If you are a writer, remember to find a safe place to write. If you need a private place to spill the heavy stuff or a public place to vent – just choose wisely. The internet can be manipulated and once It’s gone, it’s gone. Old fashioned notebooks might fit your stress better.


This One is a No Brainer. #4 Alternative: Read Something! For you, you might find comfort in the Bible. Others may stick to Sci-Fi action thrillers. From Green Eggs and Ham to Mein Kampf, books feed your brain. They can take you far away or bring you back and show you exactly what you need to do next.


#5 Alternatie: Develop a New Hobby  All my friends and family got poorly crocheted scarfs this year. Yep, I’m the newest subscriber to Yarn Barn Monthly. I have a student card to Joann’s Craft and Fabric and everything. I enjoy it because it’s a great way to spend an hour without thinking about school or work or family stress. It’s just me, my little hook, and a big ole ball of peace.


Sierra and Kelly can vouch for #6 Alternative: Pick Up The Phone It’s really brought me comfort knowing that even though Sierra moved to Florida, I can hear her voice with the press of a button. Instantly we can be cracking jokes and catching up and unloading our drama. Sometimes you just need your girls so you can say everything out loud, face it, yet you’re not alone. Same goes for calling relatives far away!

I can 100% vouch for all six of these methods of stress management. You can take that to the bank, signed and dated by Phoebe herself. I’m finally excited for 2015 and I’m ready to take on whatever challenges it may bring! Good luck friends!

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