Cupcake Update: Naomi is 3 Months


Heather and George’s little cupcake is growing like a weed! Naomi is 3 months old and already she is so full of personality! I’ve set up camp on the Middlebrooks Family’s Facebook pages so that I can keep track of Nay. I’m convinced that if it’s not The University of Tennessee keeping me from seeing Naomi, it’s my job, or a bad cold. However, with cheeks like that, I’m sure Nay is being spoiled to death enough.


Look at that face though. The family voted on my nickname, Naybug, as the cutest nickname thus far. But I might have to reconsider to Sweetcheeks for the time being. There’s no way she’s gonna be shy. She can’t be! I won’t even let her!

On another note, I just found out my coworker is expecting! A boy! Here’s my official baby name vote: Oliver!

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