Girl To Girl: Confidence and University

Honesty Hour.

I’ve been going to college classes for 2 years now. But community college is Nothing like University life, and not for the reasons you’d think. The professors are not that intimidating. Books were +60% on Chegg, and the Workload is completely manageable – I was totally prepared and confident.

What I wasn’t expecting however, was the obscenely high volume of pretty girls. And by pretty, I mean perfect. I’m talking Classically Attractive – By The Book Gorgeous females. And they’re everywhere. Even in their boyfriend’s Colombia pullovers, they’re seamless.

I’ve been itching to meet people in my field since my first day at community college and there I was on the first day. I was in a room full of 200 Advertising/PR Majors, and even I, the social butterfly, couldn’t get introduce myself. I could hold a lively conversation with a brick wall, I’m so friendly. But in this place – not so much. All the ladies were dressed to the 9’s. But somehow, I only felt like a 7. Granted, we were dressed to the College 9’s…aka: Spent two hours perfecting that “I just threw this on” effortless look. But apparently, not everyone can pull off Lumberjack Chic here. You know exactly what I’m talking about, ladies.


If you can’ tell, I’m an extrovert. Feeling so alone was kinda like, 100 channels and nothing to watch. The auditorium classes were huge and there were literally hundreds of people I could talk to. Why was I so intimidated? The elephant in the room here is that 50% of the girls I saw were donning their Greek Buttons. Great. Days like that made me thankful my coworkers taught me what GDI (God D*** Independent) meant. If all I had going for me was a kick-ass acronym, at least that’s better than nothing.


Just prepare yourself for the culture shock that is University Girl Life. I pray you find your niche and can blossom some confidence there. It’s alright to struggle at first, lord knows I’m still working on it. For now, I’ll be holding on tightly to the words we all know and love.


What do you think ladies? Anyone graduated with some tips to surviving and walking out confident? Have you found your niche? Anyone else new to university life or enrolling soon? Any GDI’s out there?
**Side Note: This song just came on and wrapped up our situation perfectly, don’t you think?

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