Friday Favorites: Cabin Fever Edition


So when I wasn’t playing in the snow with the lovely Stephanie Richer (consider yourself warned, there’s a photostorm on the way once she finishes editing), I was cooped up in my igloo with nothing but my wits and a laptop.

Let’s just say I have three-quarters of my wedding planned and the tile for my mansion bathroom all picked out. Just check Pinterest. It’s all right there.

Unfortunately, what I thought was sucky cabin fever was beat out by the nightmare that is UT campus covered in ice. Yep, class is in session boys and girls. So I’m huddling for warmth at Einstein’s typing with frosted over fingers.


netflix     banksy

As pretty as Knoxville is in the snow, I miss the days before the whiteout. It’s truely a doll of a city. However, I’m counting down the days till spring break. If the sweet postman survives the storm, he should be bringing me my Passport soon! I would love nothing more than to take it, wrap it in a glitter cover, and jet off to someplace warmer. I literally wait in the living room for the sound of the mailbox outside my door – just pinning and Etsying- waiting on Mr. Postman.

UGH! I hope everyone is keeping warm. Much Love!

– Phoebs

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