It’s Treat Yo Self Day, and I Can’t Decide.


It’s that time of month!

No, not that time of month. The other time, post 2nd paycheck, when I have a little bit more money to spare. I’ve worked hard all month, busting my butt to meet bills, savings goals, and all the emergency expenses are paid off. Now I’ve got a little wiggle room. Usually, I am so conflicted after a month of stalking certain needs  wants, that I can’t make a decision end up saving my leftover money. However, I’ve been snowed in for 2 weeks, kicked some test score’s butts, taken extra shifts at work, and gosh darn it, I haven’t threatened anyone’s life this month.

It’s time. I just can’t make up my mind. Someone tell me what to do!
Here’s our options:
1) Destination Print. It’s a combination of all the things I love: foreign cities, pretty fonts, and interior decorating. $33

2) Banksy Divers Print. Hello. So my favorite artist Banksy did a portrait of me and my man. Yes please. $22

3) Wave Ring. Because I’ve been consumed with the ocean since my last dive trip to St. Croix. $7

4) Fur Rug. The pelt is faux, but the style is SO real. $30

5) Moon Stacking Rings. The moon is so romantic, It was my first love. $18

6) Personalized Glitter Passport Cover. Need I say more?

Alright people. You know me. You know I’m horrible at making my own decisions. Help a sista out.


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