Cream Of Spinach…

Tonight, a crème de la crème Elite member was checking into my hotel. We’re talking Top-Of-The-Line Member. After keeping him waiting (Curse that phone, always ringing off the hook), I suffered through the most award check in of my week. Nothing went wrong, just lots of stuttering, dropping things, plus that damn phone wouldn’t stop ringing – he could tell it had been a night. It was obvious I was trying my best to provide an extra “elite-worthy” experience, and frankly – failing.

Then he asked about our Ruth’s Chris’s coupons we often offer to our guests. I started writing his coupon out, and he asked me if I’d ever been to Ruth’s Chris.

Thinking he would ask for a recommendation, I told him, not yet, and tried to suggest a restaurant I knew, but he cut me off and said, “Well, Why Not Miss Phoebe?” I simply told him that Ruth’s was just outside my budget. He simply stared me down and gave it to me straight.

“Young Lady. Live your life. Quit screwing around and spoil yourself sometime. Go to Ruth’s Chris, get the steak, and then go do amazing things. Life is hard enough. I recommend the Cream of Spinach.”

Needless to say, by the end of the night, I had $15 in my pocket from tips from very sweet guests. My job isn’t that often one for collecting tips. Tonight, I was definitely reminded that hard work shows.


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