The Lilly Pulitzer Paradigm Shift


Originally, I wanted to brag on Lilly Pulitzer for continuing to impress, not only through fashion, but for their new collection at Target. This partnership will make products 1) More Affordable and 2) More Accessible, which is right my alley, as a young woman in college. Lilly Pulitzer products have been adored for quite sometime. In fact, you can find pictures of Jackie O. dawning LP styles. Today, LP fans are dying to get their hands on the fresh line, and I don’t blame them. Have you seen the Lookbook yet?


But here’s what caught my attention. Beautiful patterns. Beautiful styles. Beautiful models. Of all sizes! Surely the brand has always offered larger sizes. But until the recent “all-sizes-advertising” revolution, apparel companies considered the curvy girls in ads a taboo. Lilly Pulitzer however, is just one of the many brands challenging the old ways. And why not? All these girls look like complete babes! Unfortunately, Target’s not quite ready for a full-fledged paradigm shift. The collections plus sized will only be available online, and for that they can expect to catch some flack. However, we can only turn so many stones at once. The ads are gorgeous, the designs are gorgeous, and Lilly Pulitzer will not leave her girls hanging!

All this time, when I thought of today’s  Lilly Pulitzer products, I pictured classic, tiny, sorority girls decked in LP monogrammed apparel/notebooks/koozies. You can’t deny, it’s an intimidating picture and you see it every day on campus. As a classic, GDI, broke college student, (and frankly a little bigger in size), how could I pull it off? I’m not small, Greek, or Jackie O. I felt like Lilly Pulitzer wasn’t right for me.


But not anymore! While some brands are successful as a status symbol brand, I think it’s a very tactful move for Lilly Pulitzer to adapt for a larger consumer base. I love that this company is redefining the idea of “exclusive”. See, instead of limiting their target consumers, it seems like they’re saying that they are “exclusive to confident beautiful women of all sizes and price points” – who appreciate beachy and floral patterns of course.

For an article with Elle Magazine, Jane Schoenborn, the brand’s creative communication VP said:

“Lilly’s attitude and overall approach to her designs has always been about inclusivity…We saw a collaboration with Target, a retailer that strives to make style accessible to everyone, as the perfect opportunity to amplify this message and bring Lilly’s story to a broader audience.”

The Target collection features 250 items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, home décor and beauty. 15 prints – I know, I’m dying too – and the prices range from $2-$150. You can expect about 200 items in the collection under $30.

Lilly Pulitzer will be in a Target Store near you mid-April of this year. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! See you soon, New Lilly Loves!


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