No, Seriously – I was Literally Stuck in Europe.

So everyone keeps asking me what I mean when I say I got “stuck in Europe” over spring break. I don’t think they realize how literal I was being. So to make this easy, the following is the actual email that I sent to my professors.


Bonjourno from Rome,

I am writing in hopes that you could consider changing my exam date.

You see, I am currently in Rome, Italy instead of on my flight back to the States. I fly non-revenue a standby traveler and things didn’t work out for my trip home. First, our flight home was cancelled due to air traffic control strikes during the window of time our flight was scheduled.  Then, unfortunately, this weeks ISIS activity, along with recent threats on Rome, caused nervous  American tourists to book all the States-Bound flights. The next flight from Europe to home is out of Paris on Monday. We are relocating away from downtown for this last night in Rome, then we will try to get to Paris tomorrow, which seems quiet. So, we are safe.

Skipping to the point, should that flight sell out without seats, I will not make it home for the test. As of now, I should be ok, but I wanted you to be aware! Flying standby is very much a game of Roulette. Thank you for understanding and I will keep you updated!

Now For the Photographic Evidence:



Luckily, I made it home safe and sound for the tests. But not without rerouting to Paris to catch the only flight available to us. I know there’s worse things than getting stuck in Europe for an extra 3 days, but with dissolving funds, creeping exam dates, and work shifts in limbo – the end of our trip was less than restful.

Thankfully, my sweet boss Jayne was flexible for me. My partner in crime, Mr.S kept me from freaking out, and my exams went by without a hitch! Thank you everyone for sending prayers and well wishes on our travels back. I honestly think they carried my plane home.

Expect a Spring Break Report coming very soon – right after I knock out this massive pile of vacation laundry!


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