So Your Blog Wants a Facebook of its Own?


The other day, a member of my blogging club asked the group about the benefits of making a Facebook Account specifically for her blog.

“Hey everyone! I was just wondering, how many of you have created a Facebook page just for your blog? I was thinking about making one but I’m not sure if it will be worth the time. How many followers did you have before you made a Facebook page?” – Heather

Heather! That is awesome that you are considering bringing your writing over to Facebook! I was really hesitant at first because I had already been sharing posts on my personal wall. I didn’t want to tick everyone off by doubling up, but I also didn’t want to share only on my Blog Page which would be limited to only the few “Likers”.

I can tell you that I got over those concerns fast! I consider my FB Page an extension of my website. It’s just another creative space that gives me a direct line of communication to my readers, just like the email subscription, only more personalized. Also, I considered how many Facebook Links from my wall I open compared to my email subscriptions.

When someone thinks your post is great through Email, they can enjoy it reading and then it’s done. On Facebook, you can expect a like, comment, or share, which sends your post to their wall. All of a sudden, your work is reaching a whole new audience! Shares in particular can jump start an awesome readership day. Facebook then keeps a count of how many views your post receives. This is so helpful because even if they don’t click through to your post, they might begin recognizing your blog and have more interest in the next post!

Here’s how I boost my posts.

1) Create and publish something Brilliant.
2) Copy link to my blog’s page, From My Blog’s Account, not from my personal account onto the page wall! (This is important if you want a count on views!)
3) Before posting, I click through header photo options for the most interesting/relevant picture. They are automatically generated by the link, but I can also upload an alternative from my files.
4) Write a headline to make it personal, then Share!
5) Click back into my personal account, go to Home, and find my Blog post along my wall. Sharing from here will keep the view count going.
6) Share with a different headline update. This way friends following both accounts don’t see the Same Dang Thing twice in one hour on their feeds. For many, seeing it a second time with a fresh headline reminds them that they enjoyed it and should like/comment/share.
7) Remember – It’s all about the Shares! Shares double, triple, quadruple your audience and connects you to tons of new excited people!

If you asked me my follower count, here’s what I tell you.

WordPress Official Followers (Including Email Subscriptions)+ Bloglovin’ Followers + Facebook Followers = Total

I figure it this way because the majority of my WP official followers are fellow WP bloggers. The Email Subscriptions are various cousins in far away states. My Bloglovin’ followers are either bloggers, or hardcore blog reading fans. Where do I account for all my friends? They love my blog! Do they not count? Well of course they do. And if you have a twitter account just for your blog, you might as well count them too!

If you blog regularly and wish to see your readership grow but you don’t have a Facebook page, stop right there. Drop what you’re doing, and get involved! Your website could have a much larger audience, but you’ve cut off its arm!

If you have/make a Facebook page for your blog, drop a link! We want to see examples, hear success stories, and follow back!


5 thoughts on “So Your Blog Wants a Facebook of its Own?

  1. What you could do is create a page for your account but not advertise it on your personal FB. You could invite specific friends to view it, but otherwise you won’t have to mix your past/present!

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