My (Group) Date With Alex Goldschmidt


No, he didn’t bring Taylor and Ed, but I’m not complaining.

Alexander Goldschmidt is a personality and a half on his own. Plus, I doubt I could have learned as much from Sweeran (Swift+Sheeran)

It’s Social Media Week at the University of Tennessee and we had the pleasure of hosting many excellent speakers, including Alex. So who is this Alex guy? @AlexanderGold is a pop culture king of social media. Currently, he is working as a Social Media Manager/Strategist at Tiny Horse which serves clients like America’s Got Talent and the Voice. Which means he has connections, like that of the great Taylor Swift. In fact, his talents have brought him into a world were said celebrities might ask him to be in a music video with her. So, basically, we need his talents.

At his speaking engagement, he was addressing, well, social media. You see, Social Media is not just a skill, but a conversation. We touched on all the platforms, from old classics like Facebook to new players like Periscope and Meerkat. Here’s some of my favorite points on how to project the best You online:

1) Make the mundane interesting.
2) Know your voice, your followers, and what interests you have in common.
3) Cross promote your best posts. (but not all of them!)
4) Be Consistent
5) Don’t over post, unless it’s during a major event. In that case, ride the wave.
6) Be on top of trends.
7) Double Check Everything.
8) Know when to go for the selfie.
9) Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate.
10) Haters make you relevant.
11) Don’t feed the angry
12) Consider all criticism carefully.

Alex was not only full of excellent advice, he was hilarious. He was full of Taylor anecdotes, sarcastic side remarks, and bluntness. Unfortunately, he had to jet back to LA, so I didn’t get to pick his brains personally. I was just one of thirty in an eager audience. However, I did march myself up there and introduce myself, shake his hand, AND get a selfie. (And an autographed poster, but you know.)

So Alexander. While you’re juggling the digital world of pop culture, try to remember Knoxville, and the ONLY person in the meeting who shook your hand and asked for a selfie. I promised you our paths would cross sometime.

Let’s make that happen, ok?


wpid-0401151451b.jpg wpid-0401151451.jpg

Don’t Forget Me Alex!

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