Match That Strange Easter Tradition

Happy Easter, my sweet friends! I hope your newsfeeds are full of brightly colored eggs, newborn relatives in the arms of costumed strangers, and reminders as to why this season is Truly so special. As for my, I have family time, great food, a little prayer to two on my agenda. As for those that need a little something to do while the yeast rolls bake, I have a little game! How well do you know other countries’ Easter traditions? Here are some, silly, sweet, and wacky ways we celebrate this special season!


1.  In this country, the children wait for the evening of Holy Thursday. All the church bells suddenly grow wings and fly away to Rome to visit the Pope. During their visit, they are blessed by the Pope and collect chocolate goodies to bring back for the children. During this time, all the church bells remain silent because they are “gone”

2.  In this country, Women dressed in traditional garbs while on their way to Sunday mass have men jump out at them and pure buckets of water on them as a “purifying ritual.”

APTOPIX Hungary Easter

3. Instead of being hidden,  Easter eggs are displayed on trees and prominently in  streets. Some of the trees will have thousands of multi color eggs hanged on them.

Volker Kraft

4.  Here, they create a strange dinner menu for the Easter day. Instead of chocolates and eggs, they dine on iguana, turtles and big rodents for the feast.

5.  It is an Easter Bilby that brings the eggs in this country. One reason behind this interesting change is to create awareness on Bilby which is an endangered species in this country. Also, bunnies in this country are disliked for destroying crops.


6.  Here,  It is believed that during the Easter Festival, witches would fly down to Germany to party with the devil. Nowadays children dressed in costumes carrying broomsticks that go door to door and seek candy commemorate this day, much like Halloween. Bonfires are also lit to keep the satanic forces away that supposedly roam around on this day.

7.  On Easter Monday in this section of the world, men take to the streets with sticks decorated with ribbons and whip passing women and girls. The whipping is not intended to be painful, but to encourage “good health and beauty.”

whip women

8.  Instead of eating chocolate bunnies, this country digs into a large piece of butter carved into the shape of a lamb. This tradition is based on the religious idea that lambs are lucky since they were the only animals that Satan could not take a form of.


9.  In this country,you will find trees outside of churches decorated with sticks of tobacco and cigarettes. Following the Easter Sunday services smokes are handed out and everyone lights up.

10. In this country, the people head out to actually hunt Peter the rabbit with a prize of $NZ 3,500 to whoever kills the most bunnies. Every year as many as 20,000 rabbits are killed.

11. The old wives tale goes that in this country, men are not allowed to cook anything or even stand in the kitchen. It is believed that dough will fall on his moustache making it go grey and the dough will fail.

12. During this Easter festival known as Fassika, people celebrate over a grand feast featuring a large loaf of sourdough bread called “Dabo”. Visitors are greeted with a slice of “Dabo” as a means of honoring the crucifixion of Christ. they also wear white clothing exemplifying purity and display headbands made of palm leaves, symbolizing the actual palm leaves during Jesus’ passage before crucifixion.


13. This country has old Easter tradition of decorating wells in order to celebrate the gift of water: life. They decorate wells with beautifully painted eggs and spring flowers…

fountain swiz

14.  The idea of Påskekrimmen, or ‘Easter Thriller’ as it translates in English, is that over the five-day holiday you unplug the phone, reach for your book/kindle and work your way through the spookiest, scariest crime thrillers you can find. disappearing off to their holiday cabins to relax, unwind and dive into a murder mystery.

15. In this last country, the eggs are dyed only one color. Red. This is to symbolize Jesus’s blood and is used in the making of bread.




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