This is Not a Debutante Blog


I have never been a “debutante”. Neither he adjective nor the noun… Although I would adore waltzing the night away, dressed to the nines and putting all the other cupcakes to shame – I’m no debutante. In fact, I couldn’t tell you one thing about being a true debutante – they might not even waltz anymore. I have a lot of experience with this – my hotel hosts multiple balls a year. But besides the uptight mothers living vicariously through their daughters, and the demand for the largest and most expensive suites – I couldn’t tell you much more. However, I assure you there is a strict criteria for being perfect enough to fit into such a society. Now let me close in on my point:

We are bloggers. We are social creatures. We desire the digital and actual company of our fellow content creators. So, is it any wonder that I would spend so much time looking for fellow Knoxville bloggers? After searching high and low to no end, I finally come across a website this morning. This is a website chock full of East Tennessee and regional bloggers for every category. I definitely came across some writers from my city that I look forward to contacting.

Such a lovely collection of such lovely people – I wanted to be one! So I clicked over to the Join page where I landed on the Membership Guidelines. From here on out, the basically destroyed the infrastructure of my confidence as a blogger in their first year.

Guidelines include:

Photographs taken by cell phones is completely unacceptable. Selfies – prohibited unless taken by a digital camera/professionally done. Obviously, No Instagram photos. Then,  they literally wrote that it is “imperative that the majority of your content easily falls into one of our categories.” They also expect consistent posting (roughly 3 times each week for several months) with an upstanding history of previous content. To be a member you must ensure that your About page has a high quality photograph of yourself, larger than 500 pixels wide. “Make Sure It’s Top Notch” Oh, and no second languages – English only.

As a Member:

You are required to display the group badge on your site. And joining any other blogger societies is strictly forbidden and your membership will be void. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to immediate membership revocation – without notice. Oh, and the membership fees are nonrefundable.

 I might as well be born out of wedlock. An illegitimate child. I’m certain my new blog contacts are sweet as can be, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them. But as far as the group its self, and the directors of said policy – I think I’ll pass. When it comes to extraordinary bloggers than have amazing content and passion for what they do – I can count 10 right now that don’t fit these “qualifications”. Bless their hearts.

5 thoughts on “This is Not a Debutante Blog

  1. Your blog can and should be whatever you want it to be, no labels necessary! I’m sure that group had good intentions with their rules, but obviously that group is not a good fit for you. Luckily there is an audience for everyone – you just have to find the right people for YOU. Good luck!

  2. Wow! So they want you to follow all of their rules, and what do they do for you exactly?! Sounds like a society that’s not worth joining to me!

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