#CantInternToday May 15th


Welcome all, to today’s episode of #CantInternToday

Yesterday was Weekly Conference Call Friday, an hour of our week that I can pretend I’m not the most awkward intern ever. All my staff knows from these audio calls is that I am alive, listening, and noting everything – good for an intern learning the ropes.

Well the “host” for the usual audio call system had prior engagements this week, so I received a last minute email from my director saying “Let’s just Skype today guys.”

Okay, let me just  rub the “I stayed up too late” out of my eyes and work that messy bun. Open the blinds of the cave so the webcam is clear. Then wait for the group to Skype me (I’ve never Skyped anyone before). So then I answer the call. Up pops delightful default photos of my various staff members on my screen.

And there’s me. So as charmingly as I can I say “Guys, I’m confused, am I the only one on video right now?” Yes. Yes I am.

Naturally, they follow up with a reassuring “Yes, and you’re the best looking one on the call!”

Erm – I’m the only looking one on the call guys. What do I do, just cancel the video record part and keep the audio and look like a looser with no confidence? Obviously not an option. Keep it together. So there I am holding it down, only one on camera. All eyes on me.

Today I am thankful to intern for a company that doesn’t judge.

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