Kassidy Gets Real: “This Girl Will Not Be Making A Health Page”

I just wanted to share some honest words from a friend about setting goals and being honest with yourself.


Yesterday, my friend Kassidy shared on Facebook:

Today I hit my goal in weight loss! Same outfit just 30 pounds less.  #yepyoureadthatright #thirtythirtythirty 

Obviously, It blew up with love and support from myself included. I proceeded to congratulate hashtagging #Goals which she responded with the single most honest comment ever.

All it takes is hard work, gurlfrand… discipline is the hardest part. Always thinking bout dat healthy body but also dat pizza…. I think about pizza everyday, not lying..

The today she posted this:

After my post yesterday, some people have told me I should turn my Instagram into a health/fitness related page… Y’all, I love you but I am not even going to pretend that I am all about either of those things. As you saw I went on a cruise, I ate pizza every single day, and not in small quantities-we’re talking 4-5 pieces a day. Also, I can count on my two hands how many times I’ve hit pause on Netflix in a month. I will gladly tell anyone who asks how I lost my weight, but this girl will not be making a health page. Maybe something more important, like a pizza page.

Honestly, this was so refreshing for me. I am that person that dives head first into every idea, obsesses over it, and is devastated when I realize it just wasn’t meant to be. Personally, I think Kass would be an incredible heath inspiration. But first of all, she was honest. I need to be more like that.

I don’t need to become a Youtube Star. I don’t need to open an Etsy shop. I don’t need to become a Yogi. I just need to be myself. I just need to take my ambitions day by day and celebrate the little victories.

She also said:

I don’t want people thinking because I lost weight that I’m all healthy now and believe only certain things should be eaten and what-not. Honey, I was raised in the south. You don’t eat healthy here. I also, don’t want people thinking because of how I look, that’s the way I believe everyone should look. That was my biggest fear going into this, posting how I looked in fear of indirectly or accidentally criticizing someone else.

Someone remind me to be this honest and grounded. And Real.  Kass, Thank you for reminding me not to take life too seriously. 


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