#CantInternToday presents: Carpe Diem or Fail


Dear Self,

This is so unlike you. Since when has pressure been anything but motivation for you? You know you can do this. You were hired for this incredible opportunity knowing that you would be in over your head. You knew they would challenge you, push you, even hang you upside down if that means you will see things from a new angle. Your team knows you are young and new. There has been no mistake in decision, they completely understand you are flying blind.

And they have confidence in you still. Everyone makes rookie mistakes. Especially when you are a rookie.

Don’t Take It So Hard. There’s growth in criticism just as long as you use it to grow. An attitude like that will have you sweating for the finish line when you’ve barely crossed the start. Remember how valuable you are – because to them, you are already an asset. And seriously – Don’t Take It So Hard.

You have nothing but opportunity in front of you. Carpe Diem or Fail.

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