The 60 Seconds that Changed My Life Forever

When I was in Ms. Papillon’s 3rd Grade class, we sat around the carpet for Career day and scribbled our name tags. When I grow up I want to be…
Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer, Firefighter, President, Supermodel.
Naturally, mine said SeaWorld Dolphin Trainer, because who likes to go with the flow anyway? It was crazy the things we used to dream.

Do you remember the moment you realized your calling? I am talking about the moment when the curtains opened, the light shined in, and you just knew.

I mean, there was the Massage Therapist Phase, History Teacher Phase, and the Navy Phase. But my junior year in high school, it all came together.
I don’t know where I was, or how it happened, but I came across this video. Now, if you were beside me right now, I guarantee you can except me mouthing every word, and possibly tear up. Not because it makes me sad, but because it brings me so much joy. To sit and watch the thing that struck the chord for you – It’s powerful stuff.

For a Dog Food commercial.


Here’s when it all clicked for me though. The commercial was cute. But the next YouTube video that loaded was the Behind-The-Scenes. This set tour is given by Stanley, the Chocolate Lab. He introduces us to Dexter, the star of the commercial, his human and co-star Bill, and all the contributing members of the production team – even the guy who delivers waters to the set. It just blows my mind how craftily this was put together – from the commercial to the behind the scenes (that sneakily advertises the product as well!) Seeing everyone on the set creating that content that would soon play on peoples TVs at home – that’s when it clicked for me.

You’re right Stanley, it is magic.


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