Logo-to-Advertisement Intern Assignment

For the sake of practice, my internship director asked me to try my hand at a real world logo. He had me take a logo and turn it into a advertisement worthy of his award-winning blog and RSS feed. So, I did just that! Our attention was redirected towards a new project once I completed my assignment, so we decided not to run the advertisement. But HEY. I did it. I made it. With my own brain and computer. Call to action and EVERYTHING! So with his kind permission, I wanted to share it here!

Before: (Not my work, don’t let me mislead you. Whoever designed this has T-A-L-E-N-T)

event lion


lion try 4 (Caps)

#ProudMom #ImadeDis

I know it’s not much, but believe it or not, I trashed maybe 6 or 7 designs before this. Thanks to the guidance of my Director and my own personal firing squad at my other job (shout out to Marissa and Ciara), we landed on this Beaut. They should really call it Trial. Error. Ask. Criticism. Here-We-Go-Again.

(That doesn’t spell out Teach by the way.) (I just lied.)


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