Tierra says, “Screw What Everyone Thinks”

I adore nothing more than when my friends share a growth moment. This particularly inspiring blurb came in the form of a 4am Facebook Status that showed up on my wall this morning.

“This is just a little something that’s on my heart. If there’s anything being a young adult has taught me so far, it’s that it is the worst feeling to feel lonely, lost, confused, and like you’re the only one who doesn’t have their stuff together when it seems like everyone else your age does (when in reality their just trying to figure out life just as you are). I’ve come to realize it’s okay not to know exactly who I am yet. Life is about figuring out who you are and for some people it happens faster than others. Life is a short, but beautiful journey when you decide to stop letting all the bad parts drag you down. Happiness is everything and at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide to do what makes YOU happy and be with who makes you happy. Otherwise, you’re just letting people in society tell you how they think you should be regardless of whether or not it makes you happy. Screw what everyone thinks and be who you are. Love who you are whoever you may be…”


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